Easy Hen Nesting Boxes

Use recycled kitty litter buckets for easy hen nesting boxes that are homemade and sustainable housing for your poultry.

| October/November 2007

Recycled kitty litter buckets make easy hen nesting boxes.

Recycled kitty litter buckets make easy hen nesting boxes.

Photo by Robert Gillette

Recycled kitty litter buckets make easy hen nesting boxes for your poultry.

Easy Hen Nesting Boxes

My wife and I live on a small farm. We raise chickens organically and sell their eggs. We also have six cats, so we go through a lot of cat litter — we usually buy the 35 pound buckets. Needless to say, we are swamped with large yellow plastic pails. So, I came up with a unique solution to reuse them.

We usually have about seven hens laying at the same time, so we needed more nest boxes. I realized that the plastic pails were the perfect solution! They went up in minutes and the hens like the high snug sides! Every year we have a new batch of laying hens, so now we always have enough nest boxes. They are a snap to clean, also!

barbara lueders
2/17/2010 8:35:37 AM

Typical "new" MEN article- nice color pic, NO DIY info!!!! What did they attach the buckets to? What fasteners did they use? No problems with the hens knocking out litter or eggs with no threshhold? What size are the birds? I can probably figure all this out through experimentation but how hard would it be to write a REAL article with helpful info like "subfloor adhesive does or doesn't stick to the plastic" or "use washers with screws so the heads don't pull through the plastic"... I really like your mag, and I am pretty fair at going on with an idea, but many people NEED plans and "common sense" advise (poor city folk...?). Barb

cathie wolff_2
1/11/2010 7:22:24 PM

Love the idea! I too have lots of kitty litter boxes and was online looking for plastic nesting boxes. This is better and I don't have to buy the plastic boxes or waste the fuel shipping. Kudos for the idea!

11/3/2008 11:26:13 AM

Do the bigger breed fit in them, Great idea and I have lots of buckets. Also have you had any problems with the eggs falling out. I have 26 Chickens, not laying yet but soon.

11/15/2007 1:17:40 PM

I have been a subscriver to MEN for many years and have seen many changes in its articles over these years. I almost dropped my subscription due to the lack of off gridder subjects and old time mentions of old ways, which I wish you could add at least now and then. Who knows some things within our past that we made and used could help us now let the youngens know about so they can afford to do things for themselves in these expensive years. I am a four year off grid living lady and believe me there are ALOT of shortcuts we all have to do to live as serenely and happy as we do. Thanks for letting me spew off. By the way-----I just re-subscribed. Hopefully I will se more useful info this time around.

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