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Durable & Affordable Crafty Kids Playhouses Now Perfectly Pint-Sized

Atlanta, GA – Sometimes less is more as parents will appreciate with Crafty Kids Playhouses™ two new a-durable cardboard craft models – a pint-sized space shuttle and cozy cottage. Award-winning Crafty Kids has scaled down its playhouses to about 1/3 their original sizes and about 2/3 their price tag!

Designed by dads for their sturdiness, these smaller white cardboard structures are perfect to play with dolls or Whiskers (meow) for hours of endless creativity and imagination. Both the Creation Cottage and Shuttle Imagination are made of 100% recycled material and await a child’s finishing touch of crayons or markers to make it a one-of-a-kind playhouse. Each Craft Model will come with six washable, non-toxic, jumbo markers to get the creative juices flowing.

Crafty Kids Playhouses was previously known as Kids Craft Playhouses and has just been renamed to emphasize the fun eco-friendly craftiness of their full- and mini-sized playhouses.

Playing with a cardboard box is nothing new, of course. But three fathers from Atlanta created Crafty Kids Playhouses products with the hard work already completed … flaps, slots and doorways are built in while leaving the exterior blank for kids to customize -- at their own pace.

Crafty Kids Playhouses have been featured on The TODAY Show and several regional news segments. Since its spring debut earlier this year, the company has proudly earned three industry prizes – Tillywig 2010 Top Fun Award. Creative Child 2010 Seal of Excellence in the “Creative Play” category, and The National Parenting Center Spring 2010 Seal of Approval. Once the “mommy bloggers” tested the products, the blogosphere heated up with adorable testimonials from grateful moms.

A large, thin box arrived on our porch one day and the kids couldn’t wait to get the door open to see what it could be! We followed the included instructions to connect the pieces together and in just minutes the cottage was set up and ready for play! The cottage features multiple windows (5 to be exact) and a door for easy in and out play. With a blank canvas the possibilities are really endless and my girls are still coloring the cottage one week later! The cardboard is thick and sturdy enough for play and coloring, yet lightweight and easy to move around.  We are thrilled to find a company who has taken imagination to the next level and they deserve a big THANK YOU for keeping my kids busy through spring break!
-- “Deal”ectible

Now two new playdate fun items have been added to the Crafty Kids Playhouses roster. See both pint-sized models on their website at

Creation Cottage Craft Model • $19.95
Rainy days and Mondays were made for an arts & crafts project! Let kids whittle the hours away with their mini version of a cottage with a ready-made door, small window and chimney. Sit it on the floor or on a tabletop. The model weighs just 3 pounds and measures 14.75” L x 12.5” W x 16”H. The entire cottage is a sturdy white surface awaiting markers, crayons, or paint.

Shuttle Imagination Craft Model • $22.95
Mission Control: we have a white shuttle that needs some decoration before blasting off to another world. Perfect for the classroom or the living room, this pint-sized version of the award-winning Shuttle weighs just 3 pounds. When fully assembled the shuttle measures 14.5”L x 21.5” W x 22”H. Proudly made in the USA of recycled cardboard.

Grownups can join Crafty Kids Playhouses on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or add their own comments and pictures to the playhouse website blog.

Sometimes the Mothers of Invention are Dads -- three Atlanta fathers put their “aha moment” into a toy business of sturdy cardboard structures for kids. Paul Isbell, Sean Turnan and Bill Pock, fathers to eight children total, believe all youngsters should have a chance to blossom with unlimited imagination. Giving back to the community is an important part of their business plan and several Atlanta children’s charities will benefit from their inaugural year of sales and product donations.

Crafty Kids Playhouses was previously known as Kids Craft Playhouses and renamed to emphasize the fun eco-friendly craftiness of their full- and mini-sized playhouses. They have won accolades from several toy industry organizations including The National Parenting Center 2010 Seal of Approval and the Tillywig Top Fun Award – given to exceptional products that stand out in terms of outstanding design, construction, and play.

For more information on their playhouses and products, visit their website at www.Crafty 

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