Down a Dirt Road

| 10/4/2012 1:55:17 PM

Tags: sustainable agriculture, tent life, Coösauke,

Beth gardenThis is both an introduction and a goodbye.

Over the past year I have written a Permaculture Blog from D Acres Farm in Dorchester, NH, my home for the past four years. Tales of farm endeavors, animal adventures, garden lessons, seasonal projects: the color of the months was writ through the stories I shared in these pages.

Now, as autumn descends and the transition to winter is engaged, a transition in my own life is taking place.

And so I’d like to offer a goodbye to D Acres - to the people, the animals, the work, the rhythms of our weeks, and the community that created such an exciting and motivating environment in which to live. It is with tremendous gratitude for the skills and lessons learned, and the growth and maturation undergone, that I depart from my work and my silo home at the farm.

Fresh opportunities, however, have changed my course and offer a new present, suggesting a different future. The next adventure has arrived.

Mind you, I’m only a mile and a half further down the road.

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