DIY Off-Grid Chicken-Watering System

| 4/7/2016 10:51:00 AM

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Keeping chickens on your homestead can be an important step in becoming more self sufficient and sustainable. A backyard flock can easily keep a family in eggs all year with enough to spare for neighbors and friends. When my husband and I moved to our Appalachian homestead, one of our first priorities was to get the old chicken coop on the property back in order and fill it with mini flocks of laying hens, silkie chickens and guinea fowl.

Our birds have been a delight to watch grow to maturity, but as they've increased in size they have outgrown their two gallon indoor waterer. Filling it is a simple enough process but made more complicated because our entire homestead runs on rainwater and all our livestock water comes from giant rain barrels off the side of our house.

Walking back and forth from the house to the coop with a cumbersome watering can got old pretty quick. When we knew it was time to update our system, we were faced with the depressing task of buying several more $50 dollar waterers that would need to be refilled constantly.

A better option? Move the rainwater directly to the chickens by way of an automatic chicken watering system! By using a gutter off the roof of the coop to collect rain in a 55 gallon barrel, we won’t have to worry about the chickens running out nearly as often. For more photos and details check out Off Grid Chicken Waterer.

The first step was installing gutters on the down slope of the coop. One of the few pieces of this project we had to buy, the gutters came from our local hardware store and cost about $45.

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