DIY Home Birth

| 6/13/2012 2:20:55 PM

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This week I am very excited to share a guest post by Kaitlin Rose from She recently launched her e-book, The Nine Steps to Home Birth PrepKaitlin 

Home birth is Do It Yourself.

It's up to you when it comes to preparing for a home birth. This article will outline what you need to do to have a DIY home birth, from hiring a midwife and birth preparation to the big finale, actual labor and birth at home.

But home birth is not for everyone. 

If you're not a DIY type - you know, the kind of person who plants their own garden, makes their own yogurt, sews their own cloth diapers and such, home birth might not be for you (or maybe you're NOT a DIY type but you're one heck of an empowered woman and want to give birth at home. Go you!).

This is why I say home birth might not be for everyone: Home birth takes responsibility, organization, self-education and belief in yourself.

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