Determining the Goals for Your Farm

| 10/6/2015 10:28:00 AM

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“Ok” she said as she gestured to the small empty hen house that was sitting in the corner of the yard. “Tell me what I should do with my chickens."

It was a question that I was half expecting, half not expecting. I was visiting some friends who are in the middle of a renovation on a new house that they just purchased, and I had come over to check the place out. Having just returned to California after an extensive time working and learning at Polyface Farm, I have been ready to share the information that I have gathered. With the experience I attained there, I stopped off in Indiana where I helped get a small farm laid out;  I worked with the owners on certain aspect of the infrastructure, planning, and how many animals they would start with.

It was awesome! I’m ready to share and help more fellow farmers.

Sharing this information and my experience with others has been proving to be beyond enjoyable. I love talking with people and hearing their ideas, as well as laying out mine. As I have been having an increased number of individuals ask me to come and check out their places, or wondering if they can bounce ideas off of me, I have been seeing some trends and patterns with people’s questions. What I have begun to do is have a response/first question that I approach them with.

When they ask me “what should I do with my chickens?” I respond with “well…what are your goals?”

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