Deer Season

| 12/7/2011 11:07:37 AM

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At the recent Mother Earth News fair in Pennsylvania, lots and lots of people asked me about deer. Particularly my experiences processing it. Here’s my take on venison and other wild meats … 

I cut venison for only a very few select people. Why, you ask? I’ve had too many bad experiences with poorly field-dressed animals … or animals that looked like a sieve because of too many shots (think about that for a while). 

I’ve had animals come to me with a cavity full of leaves and deer droppings, or with a full bladder. I’ve seen the outer meat completely hacked up from poor skinning jobs and hair all over everything.  

If you want me to cut your deer, it needs to be properly field-dressed, properly skinned, and properly washed with cold water using a garden hose and a nylon brush - especially the cavity.  

I will not eat venison unless I am the one who processed it. This is true. I’ve seen too many butchers grind the meat with enough hair in it to cough up fur balls. And to think that they then feed the stuff to their kids.  

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