Massive Debt or No Debt At All: You Choose

Reader Contribution by Staff

This year’s onslaught of bad news for homeowners may have you thinking twice about willingly entering into massive debt in order to make a suitable home for your family. But consider something revolutionary: building a home with no debt! It’s not easy, but a few inspiring folks point the way to successfully creating a simple life. So while Congress passes legislation to ease U.S. homeowners’ troubles, you can start dreaming about a better way:

A Handmade, Debt-free Home
Our DIY expert Steve Maxwell shows you how to blend vision, patience and perseverance to build your dream home.

The Good Life Center
Learn from the legacy of Helen and Scott Nearing, legendary pioneers in simple living.

We’re working on an upcoming feature about the philosophy of the Nearings for the October/November 2008 issue of Mother Earth News, and we’d love to hear from you. Have you been inspired by Helen and Scott Nearing? Have you built a home with no debt? Please share your experiences with us and our readers by using the comments section below.