Dear MOTHER: October/November 2013

Reader letters about chickens in the garden, pressure canning, apartment gardening, labeling genetically modified foods, a local urban homesteaders’ network, capitalism, green tomato recipes, and more.

| October/November 2013

Chicken Coop

Inspired by the article “Chickens in the Garden” in the April/May 2013 issue, readers Tina and John Jaeger of Jeddo, Mich., incorporated their flock into their garden setup to provide all-natural pest control as well as manure for valuable homemade fertilizer.

Photo Courtesy Tina Jaeger

The Tools That Bind

We can’t do without MOTHER EARTH NEWS around here. The articles by Publisher Bryan Welch always strike a chord with me, and his piece Old Tools: Sacred Family Heirlooms in the August/September 2013 issue was downright moving.

My father worked for a cotton compress company, and he used a special knife to cut into and examine cotton bales. When he retired, my mom began using the knife in her garden, and now I do, too.

The knife is well over 50 years old, and although somewhat beat-up, it’s still great for digging and transplanting. I think of my parents every time I use it.

Thanks for the memories, Bryan!

Joan Beauregard
Richmond, Texas

Handed-down tools are indeed gratifying catalysts for fond memories. Thanks for sharing your story, Joan. We’re big fans of sturdy tools that last for generations. — MOTHER EARTH NEWS

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