Dear MOTHER: October/November 2009

Reader letters about Joel Salatin, homemade butter, outdoor wood boilers, and more.

| October/November 2009

Salatin Mountain

Joel Salatin with a few of his chickens at Polyface Farm in Virginia.


Our interview with “beyond organic” farmer Joel Salatin, Everything He Wants to Do is Illegal, struck a chord with many of you. Salatin has been a prominent innovator and advocate for integrated small-scale farming and direct-to-consumer marketing for many years. And there are plenty more like him — “maverick” farmers growing better food using more sustainable methods. There’s definitely a local food movement underway; let’s hope there are enough “locavores” out there to make small-scale farming a not-too-risky, honorable way to earn a decent living once again.

We continue to receive lots of pro and con comments about our discussion of population issues; you can read them online and join the conversation at Planning for a Sustainable Human Future and Three Mountains We Must Climb.

Joel Salatin Is My New Hero!

I stumbled upon Everything He Wants to Do is Illegal while doing research for my orchard. This is exactly the kind of information people in this country need to hear. Processed agrifoods need to be wiped out and replaced by small farms! Believe me, the “food police” are very real.

I’m doing a lot of research as I make my plans to become a farmer. I have discovered that there is a huge groundswell of both producers and consumers who are latching onto the truths that Salatin speaks. We need to listen to people who are willing to say that the emperor has no clothes, rather than trying to maintain an agrisystem that is slowly poisoning our population!

Jerry Klingerman
Winesburg, Ohio

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