Dear Mother October/November 2006

| October/November 2006

October/November 2006 Issue #218

Mother’s Basic Education
Not Convinced We’re Changing the Climate
Cinnamon Cuts Cholesterol?
Population: Explosion or Dud?
Wants Sustainable Population
Animal ID System: You Won’t Like It
Traditions Live On
Look There, It’s Lunch
Beating Bean Bugs
Pet Chow Recipes Incomplete
Eco-friendly Equipment
Solar Summer in the City
A Great Place Indeed
Been There, Didn’t Like That
Danger in the Grass
Common Sense is Key
Building Better Soil
It Works for Me
Organic Can be Simpler

Mother’s Basic Education

I have been an avid Mother Earth News reader for years and must admit that I’ve been hard pressed to think of a subject that I haven’t seen covered in your publication. It occurred to me that I have probably received more of an education in ethics, politics, economics and what many would call “just plain old common sense” by reading this one magazine than I ever did in public school. The environment is one subject that is far too important to the future of this planet to leave to chance. As the days begin to feel shorter and the world appears to spin faster, I find solace every other month in a magazine that provides the opportunity to slow down, step back and question the orbit that this planet is in. Thank you.

Travis Peterson
Newcastle, Wyoming


Not Convinced We’re Changing the Climate

Contrary to what you and former Vice President Gore continue to say, there is considerable dispute about global warming and what, if anything, man is doing to affect it. Some of the “proof” Mr. Gore offers in his movie is questionable.

I am not going to support major policy initiatives that involve huge expenditures of funds and resources on a problem based on a scare, when the science is still suspect at the very best. Most, if not all, that is being observed can be attributed to the natural warming and cooling cycles of the planet.

Folks, the planet changes. The archeological record shows there were tropical rain forests as far north as southern Canada at one time. (How many SUVs back then?) Then the glaciers moved south of Columbus, Ohio. We had nothing to do with any of that, and we’re probably not influencing a lot of what is happening now.

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