Dear Mother

Letters from our readers

| June/July 2007


Corn is grown not only for food but as a crop to convert to ethanol.

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Better Education from Mother

I have been an avid Mother Earth News reader for years and must admit that I’ve been hard pressed to think of a subject that I haven’t seen covered in your publication. It occurred to me that I probably have received more of an education in ethics, politics, economics and what many would call “just plain old common sense” by reading this one magazine than I ever did in public school.

The environment is one subject that is far too important to the future of this planet to leave to chance. As the days begin to feel shorter and the world appears to spin faster, I find solace every other month in a magazine that provides the opportunity to slow down, step back and question the orbit that this planet is in. Thank you.

Travis Peterson
Newcastle, Wyoming

Georgia Solar on His Mind

We are happy to announce that we just installed 45 solar panels on our house. They tell us it is the biggest residential solar system in Georgia. So far we are generating about 7 kW of power from our panels.

It’s fun to see our electric meter spin backwards. We thank you guys for encouraging alternative power sources. Keep it up!

Larry Dove
Fayetteville, Georgia

6/27/2007 4:47:16 AM

One small comment on the war in Iraq; How much do you think it will cost when we are having to fight the insurgents in New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, D.C., Dallas, etc, Ad Nauseum?. Now to the real reason for this rant: First, let me say, that I have enjoyed reading Mother for the last 30 years or so, and there has been a very noticeable shift to the left in the last few years. Regrettable, but that's what makes this country so great; people can say and do whatever they want (within reason). What I don't particularly like are the people who think that just because they believe in something, that anyone who disagrees with them are patently wrong. In particular are the vegetarians and vegans, who think that us lowly meat eaters are nothing but murderous neandertals (that is the correct spelling), and that "They" are the saviors of the worlds creatures large and small. Before you get too big headed though, you might just want to remember that Adolph Hitler was a vegetarian too. Puts you in some really wonderful company, doesn't it?

6/4/2007 11:00:38 PM

I am responding to the reader comment in the June/July issue titled, "Throw Mother out the Window?". The subscriber complaining about the so-called 'liberal' agenda in the magazine obviously does not pay attention to the news or apparently any facts. First of all, the Iraq war is everyone's business. We are paying for it through our taxes and losing numerous military personnel and soldiers on a regular basis. That does not even mention the US's reputation and credibility. Secondly, why do ALL the scientists have to be in agreement about the state of the environment before people have to act? People have known about the environmental consequences of industrial pollution, toxic waste, and the problems associated with them (ex. health risks and endangering wildlife & habitat) for a very long time. Mother Earth News provides ideas, solutions, and experiences of people who are trying not to live with these effects or to curtail them. Climate change and global warming is real and if you think that us humans had nothing to do with it, a truth and reality check is in need! The fact of the matter is that we are dependent on oil, Iraq has oil, and burning oil has threatened our environment (CO2). They are connected whether people want to admit it or not. Mother Earth News provides hope and a wealth of information by passing the message along. If that happens to be 'liberal' to anyone, then I say 'good'. That's what I was hoping for when I first subscribed last winter. By the way, my garden is looking great so far and I cannot wait to reap the benefits of eating locally grown food that did not have to be trucked in or sprayed with chemicals(which uses oil to make and to get here). Also, everyone loves my homemade fence from cut tree limbs and branchs! My family in South Dakota thanks Mother Earth News for all the tips.

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