Dear Mother June/July 2006

| June/July 2006

June/July 2006

A More Compact Tractor
Cover Wraps: We’re Sorry
Free Border Make Good Neighbors
Pond Memories
Healing Power of Flowers
Earthbags to the Rescue
One Smart Duck
Small Investments Pay Big Dividends
Chickens, Far and Near
Saving Three Ways
Mother in the Second Generation

A More Compact Tractor

I enjoyed your article about small tractors, but the prices sure aren’t small (“Discover Versatile Compact Tractors,” April/May 2006). I’ve been looking at two-wheeled tractors made by an Italian company, BCS, and they have some real possibilities for small farmers.

I’ve heard very favorable comments about them from everyone I’ve talked to who has tried one. Most local farm and garden equipment stores don’t have them on the floor, but I found a dealer in my area on the BCS Web site (see below).

Check them out! They seem a lot more appropriate for those of us who don’t need or can’t afford a four-wheeled tractor of any size and haven’t figured out horses or oxen. These two-wheeled tractors are like a rototiller that can mow, chip, plow, bush-hog, scrape, haul or even pull you in a “sulky.” I’ll bet they’re a lot safer on our steep Appalachian hillsides, too. You can call BCS at (800) 543-1040, or visit the Web site,

Doug Carmichael
Bristol, Tennessee

Later this year we’ll publish an article about two-wheeled tractors. — Mother

Cover Wraps: We’re Sorry

I object to the wrapping of the last issue (Issue #215, April/May 2006). While I generally appreciate those covers for the protection they give the magazine, yours was so securely adhered to the binding that I practically destroyed my copy in removing it.

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