Dear MOTHER: February/March 2015

Reader letters about livestock guardians, homemade deodorant, bidets for TP-free living, emergency generators, leeks, meat coverage in MOTHER EARTH NEWS, the wonder-working slow cooker, and more.

| February/March 2015

Spicy Eggs with Kale

“The magazine was hot out of the mailbox when I spotted the recipe for Spicy Eggs with Kale. Dinner plan, done!” — Sandy Pickard; Stafford, Va.

Photo by Erin Kunkel

From Page to Plate

Whenever I receive my copy of MOTHER EARTH NEWS, I always flip through to look at the photos before I read it cover to cover. Well, the magazine was hot out of the mailbox when I spotted the Spicy Eggs with Kale Recipe (Easy Meals: One-Pot Recipes for Every Season, December 2014/January 2015). Dinner plan, done! It was on the table within an hour and before I had read a single other article. And, oh my — it was delicious! I will be making this recipe again.

Sandy Pickard
Stafford, Virginia

An Ode to Odie, Our Gentle Giant

Here’s our own steadfast homestead companion, Odie, wanting to read the article about livestock guardians for himself (Solve Your Predator Problems with Livestock Guardian Dogs, Donkeys, Llamas and More, December 2014/January 2015). Odie is a rescue dog from our local animal shelter. He’s a Great Pyrenees and possibly part German Shepherd.

We are urban farmers, and we have three hens that need to be protected from our neighborhood opossum. Odie walks the fence line all day, making us aware of predators, trains passing through, loud cars, and unwanted dogs and cats.

Your article gave us new ideas as to how we can engage Odie in even more guardian functions on our homestead. To him, we are his flock — my husband, our 5-year-old daughter and myself, along with the trio of hens, a kitten, an adult cat, and a Chinese Crested dog that Odie continues to boss around daily. Because of Odie’s presence, we feel safe and confident that nothing will enter our domain as long as he’s on guard.

Some people report that Great Pyrenees bark too often, but Odie barks only to let us know if something is out of the ordinary. I have owned many different breeds of dogs, and Pyrs actually bark less than some others do — at least our gentle giant does.

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