Dear MOTHER: February/March 2012

Reader letters about Floriani corn, needing less, raising meat rabits, the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR, hoop house inspiration, aquaculture, killing humanely, people as predators, great bread, and more.

| February/March 2012

Home Grown Food

Growing your own food can be one step toward a lifestyle centered around needing less and self-reliant satisfaction.


Learning About Sustainability

I’m a single mother raising three kids. My amazing father paid off my 10 acres of land, which has put me in a great position to stay home with my kids while getting my farm off the ground. I love your articles and read each issue cover to cover when it arrives. I’m a city kid, so I’m learning from the ground up. At this point, I’m selling starter plants and veggies at local farmers markets. I’m hoping to put a commercial kitchen in and get my milking barn up to a grade-A dairy to sell fresh goat cheese. I’m trying to do all this without borrowing money, so it’s one step at a time — each step paying for the next. Your magazine has taught me so much. Thank you.

Sally Upton
Red Bluff, California

Taking the ‘Bad’ With the Good

It never ceases to amaze me how people get themselves bent out of shape over the dumbest things. My family tends toward the conservative side of things, and while we don’t subscribe to the global warming theories, we do recognize the damage humans are doing to ourselves and the planet. We enjoy your articles on gardening, livestock and self-sufficiency, and for the articles that don’t jibe with our interests and viewpoints, we use the high-tech method of censorship called “turning the page.”

We won’t send you letters of outrage and won’t ask you to cancel our subscription. We love this magazine for the information and entertainment it provides us. And the other stuff? Well, we just skip over it.

Juliana Ferguson
Candler, North Carolina

Needing Less

There’s so much we feel we have to have, when we really need so little.

mother earth news fair


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