Dear MOTHER: February/March 2006

Reader letters about DIY gift tags, wood pellet stoves, electric chain saws, Robert Redford, family farms, raising dairy goats and more.

| February/March 2006

DIY Gift Tags

I already have put my December 2005/January 2006 issue to use. I just couldn’t resist the gorgeous photos of the snow crystals in “EarthWords.” By adhering the page to cardstock and cutting the squares apart, it was quickly recycled into nine of the prettiest Christmas tags you’ll ever see. Thanks!

Bonnie Storey
Pulaski, Tennessee

Bring Back the Geo!

In response to Making Wiser Transportation Choices (News from Mother) in the October/November 2005 issue: My commute became longer this year, so my husband got on the Internet and found a Geo for me. We had one long ago before our babies arrived. It really does get 50 miles per gallon. Our other car is a Scion that gets 36 mpg (and is a really great car). I save $20 a week by driving the Geo. I am in the middle of nowhere in Texas, so there is no public transportation. Why don’t they make Geos anymore?

Marilyn Hagle
Blooming Grove, Texas

Don’t Forget Wood Pellet Stoves

In your article Slash Your Heating Bills! (December 2005/January 2006), you did not mention wood pellet heating.

I recently bought a wood pellet stove to be a secondary heating source to my electric furnace. I absolutely love it.

9/12/2009 7:49:17 PM

In one of your "letters from readers" someone said something about Mother Earth News having "yuppie years." I can't find that letter anywhere. Could you guys please post it so that I can read it? Thanks.

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