Dear MOTHER: December 2015/January 2016

Reader letters about solar and geothermal systems, free quilts for the homeless, Q Fever, soy’s link to obesity, MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIRS, monarch butterflies and more.

| December 2015/January 2016

The Ties That Bind

I recently read the article Self-Reliance Is the The Tie That Binds (Beautiful and Abundant, February/March 2014), and I want to thank you! It’s frustrating to see politicians and pundits group people into parties to support their own platforms. I’m grateful that your article addressed this. 

In my family, the Republicans are the green health nuts, and the Democrats are not. In my husband’s family, it’s the reverse. Being a responsible citizen and caring for the Earth should have no bearing on political party, financial situation, employment or location.

Ruth Mills 

Dedicated Reader Retires

I’ve been reading MOTHER EARTH NEWS since 1975, and I still have every issue I’ve ever purchased. Because of your magazine, we bought acreage in the country — and still live on it! I can also quilt; make soap; and can, freeze and dehydrate a wide range of edibles. 

Unfortunately, it’s time that I retire my subscription. I’m afraid I’m getting a little old, and just can’t do what I used to. I’ll miss you, MOTHER. Thank you for 40 years of the all-time best magazine on the planet!

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