Dealing With Outside Criticism as a Homesteader

| 3/14/2016 10:34:00 AM

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I don’t know whether I’m naïve or too good at surrounding myself with people who think like me, but ever since my husband and I moved to our historic Appalachian homestead last August, strongly negative responses to my back-to-nature lifestyle have caught me completely by surprise. One topic that has recently raised particular contempt for me online has been my decision to raise meat rabbits.

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When we first got our rabbits a few weeks ago, I giddily wrote a quick Facebook post and shared it in a few homesteading/simple living groups. The response back to me was very tepid. This was right around the time Facebook introduced the “emotional spectrum of likes”, and suffice it to say my status got a lot of the faces filled with tears and boiling rage.

I even got caught in an angry twitter conversation after posting the seemingly innocent tweet “the Knob house now has meat rabbits!” A realtor in Florida took great offence and made her judgement of me known.

“Shame on you for killing these beautiful soft souls…robbing animals who trust 'n love you of years of life so u can have a meal or two is twisted thinking n horribly wrong! Wake up… One day u will b dismayed by what u did.”


4/22/2016 11:01:16 PM

"...beautiful soft souls". BAHAHAHA!! The scars on my arms and hands and a whole host of memories, like a full mama rabbit surrounded by half-eaten babies (I was new to raising these beautiful, soft souls...), speak to another, less anthropomorphic interpretation. These haters are the same people who think Nature is kinder and wiser and more forgiving than any human could ever be. They might benefit (?) from a trip to Montana in the Spring, where they may be able to hear the sound an elk calf makes while being eaten alive by a grizzly bear... The gift we can bring to our animals is a good life (good food, fresh water, shelter and protection), with a quick and merciful dispatch. Thanks for your contribution to that good life!

4/21/2016 7:31:16 AM

Unfortunately, you are dealing with people who are probably completely disconnected from where their own food comes from. They give little to no thought as to how the food they consume arrives on their table, and most people have no concept of farming. And they most definitely don't want to hear that animals are still harmed to provide their meatless meals! Vegetarians have baffled me, as many don't want to eat animals because they don't want them killed to provide them a meal. Yet, they have no qualms killing plants to provide them food... Again...a complete disconnect from nature, and probably from reality. After taking several horticulture classes and a cellular biology class, I've come to the conclusion that even plants have an inherent intelligence in them, as they have many instinctive behaviors that help to ensure their survival. Do they deserve any less respect or consideration? I respect those who choose a vegetarian diet for the health benefits, but those who do so because they don't want living things to be harmed for food is very ironic.

4/20/2016 6:26:02 PM

Enjoy your rabbit and trust me they Re easier to clean than chickens!

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