Cute Baby Animals from Heritage Breeds (Video)

By Staff

Cute Baby Animals from Heritage Breeds (Video)

Raising heritage breeds of livestock is a great way to preserve history while enjoying superior animals. Learn about some of our favorite breeds the fun way: with a slideshow of cute baby animals!

By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

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Following are just some of the cute baby animals from heritage breeds featured in the video above. Read more about heritage breeds — including types and reasons to seek them out — in the articles linked to below.

Spanish goats – Spanish goats are often crossed with commercial goats to produce the ultimate meat animal that is resistant to parasites.

Dexter cattle – The Dexter is a small tri-purpose cow perfect for small homesteads.

Gulf Coast sheep – Gulf Coast sheep are among the oldest American breeds and are famous for their ability to thrive in hot and humid climates.

American Buff geese – The American Buff goose is known for its gentle and friendly nature.

Miniature donkeys – The Miniature donkey has become a popular pet in the United States but is still relatively rare in its native Sicily.

Pineywoods cattle – The Pineywoods cow is a Colonial Spanish breed native to the woods and swamps of the deep south.

Red Wattle pigs – The Red Wattle is a large breed developed from feral hog populations from the state of Texas.

Santa Cruz horses – The Santa Cruz is among the rarest horse breeds in the world with less than 50 in existence today.

American Chinchilla rabbits – The American Chinchilla rabbit was created to have fur resembling its namesake, the Chinchilla of South America.

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