Dispose of Dead Trees on Your Property Charitably

| 6/26/2016 1:49:00 PM

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We found a good solution to getting rid of our dead trees and not have them just rot in place. We have a local charity in our nearby town that helps the homeless and those who may not be homeless but still need a helping hand.

Winters can be pretty cold here in Colorado and if you can’t afford firewood ($150 to $175 for a cord) or are unable to cut it or process it yourself, it can make staying warm pretty hard to do, not to mention costly. This particular charity has groups that volunteer to assist, and they will come and cut up and haul off firewood for those who truly need it.

Charitable Giving

Last year, we were able to provide around 12 cords of firewood, and this year, we hope to double that amount. It is heartwarming to know that what had no value to us is being used by someone we don’t even know to stay warm during our cold winters.

We have 11 acres of heavily wooded mountain property and the fir, pine, and spruce all tend to either choke one another out, die from beetle kill, or drought. Colorado is a semi-arid state and water sometimes can be insufficient for trees to thrive. We have an abundance of standing dead that should go to someone who can benefit from it.

We have a very tall chimney (30 feet) that has a tendency to clog up with creosote and soot around the wind cap if we burn conifer trees. By the time the smoke rises to the top, it has cooled to the point that it collects around the very top. Aspen does not do that, so we burn those dead aspen trees ourselves since we heat our cabin with a woodstove.

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