Readers' Best Tips for Making Life Easier

Tips from readers on storing ginger, removing sticky residue, easier weeding and more.

| December/January 1992

Double-Barreled Bread

Recently, I made up a batch of bread and was trying to find a warm place to let it rise. My husband built one of those Sotz double-barrel stoves, and it occurred to me that the top barrel would be an ideal place to let it rise. To keep the pans up off the barrel, I placed a stacking cooling wire rack on the top. It holds three pans nicely and securely—one leg of the rack rests on each side of the barrel. The rack, which is about four inches above the heating surface, would probably work very well on other stoves as well.

Haileybury, Ontario

Just Don't Light a Match!

The stickiness left on plastic items after the price tags are removed can be difficult to remove. I have found lamp oil is a great solution to this problem. I also use it after a window decal has been scraped off. Soak a corner of a paper towel in the oil and rub gently over the sticky patch. It will roll right off without scratching the plastic.

Milan, Tennessee

Beating Pine Pitch

I live in the "Pine Tree State," where pine pitch can be a big annoyance. Here's a way to remove it from your hands. Wipe a little margarine right on the pitch, and then wash with soap and water. You can also easily remove pitch from a pair of jeans by adding 1/2 cup of ammonia to the wash.

Madison, Maine

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