The Return of Cordwood Construction for Homes

The Jack Henstridge family's book "Building the Cordwood Home" discusses the return of cordwood construction and keeping costs down while doing it.

| September/October 1977

The exterior of a cordwood constructed home.

The exterior of a cordwood constructed home.

Photo by Dan Jerry

The Jack Henstridge family's book shares information on the return of cordwood construction to the homestead.

The Return of Cordwood Construction for Homes

Remember those great old monster movies . . . and the way they always seemed to turn into a whole series of motion pictures based on a single character? You know . First there was Frankenstein . .. then The Return Of Frankenstein . . . then Bride of Frankenstein . . . then Son of Frankenstein . . . then Frankenstein Meets the Werewolf . . . and on and on and on.

Well, that's the way we're beginning to feel about the Jack Henstridge family's dynamite article, "We Built a $75,000 House for Only $10,000", which appeared in MOTHER NO. 45. Because, since publishing that piece, the Henstridge Clan has been buried under an avalanche of mail . . . we've heard from a second promoter of the stackwood (but with a difference) building concept . . . and good ole Jack Henstridge hisself has been kind enough to send us an Alberta Oil Sands Environmental Research Program booklet entitled "Housing for the North . . . The Stackwall System" (how's that for being generous to the "competition"?) which outlines yet a third approach to constructing substantial — yet-snug —and extremely-low-cost homes from cordwood.

So stand back.'Cause here's an update on all these developments . . . in a special three-part feature that we cleverly call:

Part 1: This is About the Book About the House That Jack Built

EDITOR'S NOTE: There are several builders of do-it-yourself airplanes and members of the Experimental Aircraft Association on MOTHER's staff and one of these ne'er-do-well — for some reason — was talking to Harvey Swack (of Baby Great Lakes — a particular home-built aircraft — fame) a few months ago when Harvey said, "Hey! I know of a great story for THE MOTHER EARTH NEWS°. There's this friend of mine, see, up in Canada, who's building a whole house — and it's a big one — out of cordwood. You should get in touch with him."

So we did. And that friend turned out to be Jack the Henstridge, who immediately wrote back saying, "I know all about THE MOTHER EARTH NEWS and I'm already working up an article for you guys. I'll bring it down when I get it done." And he did. And that's the article you read in MOTHER NO. 45.

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