Converting a Pillowcase Into a Nightgown

How a child's missing nightgown gave her aunt the idea of converting a pillowcase into a nightgown for her niece to sleep in.

| June/July 2000

This childhood story describes a child's aunt making the clever choice of converting a pillowcase into a nightgown for her niece.

A close friend told me the story of when she was a young girl of five or six and went from her farm home for a visit to her aunt in the big city of Omaha, Nebraska. Much to her alarm, when she got ready to go to bed that first night, she found that her mother had not packed her nightgown.

Her Aunt Althea, being a practical woman, was quick to remedy the situation. She hurried to her linen closet and selected a soft, well-worn cotton pillowcase. In a flash, she had cut out two armholes and a neck opening, converting a pillowcase into a nightgown. An instant nightgown was produced for the little girl, who, my friend said, slept quite comfortably and warmly in it.

Arthur R. Lee
Santa Cruz, CA

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