How Can I Control or Kill Carpenter Bees?

| 6/22/2009 12:00:00 AM

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How can I kill/control carpenter bees?

Carpenter bees can be annoying and cause damage to buildings. But you can control carpenter bees and minimize damage with simple, nontoxic methods. A couple of suggestions from Dealing With Carpenter Bees are:

  • Paint wood that the bees are boring into.
  • Plug carpenter bee holes by taping window screen over them. Remove the screen after a few weeks and fill the holes with wood putty.

According to information in Protect Your Pollinators, carpenter bees pollinate blackberries, canola, corn, peppers and beans. So they may be helping your garden produce more bountiful crops.

— Troy Griepentrog, associate editor

8/21/2013 1:05:28 PM

If we catch the bees in their earliest boring activity, before the larvae are laid, the above solutions work well. But I know we do not want to kill the adults or their larvae. Early in summer, these are laid in the pollen-supplied cells where they will hatch and feed. Th young emerge in fall.The family of bees will remain with the nest for the winter for survival. So I have decided to allow them to remain the winter since they are already under the deck rail by the house. I will wrap the rail for protection with some old wool and will leave the emergence hole for them to come out in the Spring. I will remove the rail, they need replaced with a hardwood anyway, take the rails to the woods where the bees belong *_* and be sure to stain the new wood. Everyone is safe and happy. ---BTW, carpenter bees are not aggressive, they are pollinators and do not create a hive with a queen. The female has the stinger and is slow to use it. They are also not destructive really, a small opening. If they don't use the area continually and it is patched, your property will be fine. They just need to be shown to choose the woods, not the castle. I think our bee couple was confused this year because of all the flowers and vegetables on the back deck, they thought they moved to paradise.

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