Congress to Cut Conservation Funding?

| 9/23/2008 10:30:03 AM

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Conservation's Small Slice of Pie


Everyone has their own opinion of the new farm bill, also known as the Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008. But most of us will concede that while outrageous subsidy payments to the largest of producers once again evaded cuts, drawing further indignation from the World Trade Organization (and prompting threats of trade sanctions against us), the legislation contained some heartening support for many environmental and conservation initiatives. 

Was that all just a ploy to divert our attention from the subsidies and get the bill passed? That may be the case — the Environmental Working Group reported recently that Congress is now planning to introduce a bill that will cut millions in funding for these conservation-related programs, on a state-by-state basis. Click here to see whose slice of the pie is shrinking, and by how much.


John Edward Mercier
9/24/2008 10:16:02 AM

Since the US government is deep in debt, and has an ongoing budget deficit of over $400B (even when the $220B Social Security surplus is included), I would guess that many programs will either need to be cut... or social security will need to be. The present economic plans proposed by the candidates does not take into the fact that Congress, not the President sets the budget. Nor do they take into account the factor declining real estate and financial assets will have on those Boomers reaching their retirement age.

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