Condensing My Thoughts Into 8-Minute Segments

| 8/5/2011 9:03:28 AM

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I’ve had a little burst of interviews lately that have been very cool. The neatest one was a couple of weeks ago with Peter Schiff. Peter is the author of the book “Crash Proof” and a well-known economic commentator. He called the economic collapse long before it happened and I’ve followed his unique perspective on the economic challenges that still face the American economy.

It’s kind of intimidating to be interviewed by someone you’ve followed and respected for a while. Plus anytime I see Peter interviewed on national TV he is very sharp and can be very contrarian, not taking any guff from anyone. I get a little nervous around those “take no prisoners” kind of interviewers. 

(You might need to subscribe to Peter’s website to listen to this podcast.)

 As it was he seemed pretty interested in the off-grid thing and wasn’t too into tripping me up on anything. Well that was until he got into the guns and precious metals questions. I think the assumption is we live off-grid because we’re some kind of survivalists.

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