ComfortGeni Fan Circulates Wood-Generated Heat

| 9/21/2012 2:25:43 PM

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Comfort Geni
While most U.S. homes are built to include natural gas or electric heating systems, more than one-third of Americans rely on fireplaces, wood and pellet stoves and other appliances as their primary heat source. Unfortunately, most of these appliances can only heat the one room in which they’re located.

The ComfortGeni model Geni 6xr is a new, easy-to-install through-wall fan that increases airflow from room to room or level to level, enabling consumers to enjoy the warmth from their fireplace or pellet stove in any room. Engineered to increase the area that wood, pellet and gas appliances heat, the ComfortGeni uses no more electricity than a 14-watt light bulb and costs less than $5 a year to operate.

Named “Best Hearth Accessory” in Hearth & Home magazine’s 2012 Vesta Awards, the ComfortGeni can also be used to enhance a home’s existing HVAC system. When used as a register booster fan, the three-speed ComfortGeni improves the central heating and cooling in that room.

“Heating and cooling uses more energy and costs more money than any other system in your home,” said Bernie Pierce, president of ComfortGeni. “Typically, 56 percent of your utility bill goes toward heating and cooling. The ComfortGeni makes central HVAC systems and auxiliary heating and cooling appliances more effective, which can drastically reduce your monthly utility bill while improving the comfort of your home”

Most homes, old and new, experience temperature differences from room to room. Depending on the season and several factors within the home, such as inadequate insulation and infiltration in unfinished attics, basements or room additions, these fluctuations can mean wearing sweaters in one room and shorts in another.

The ComfortGeni also features a built-in temperature sensor that will automatically shut the fan off when the source air temperature is insufficient to create the desired temperature in the room, providing greater energy efficiency than standard through-wall fans. When the source air again exceeds the desired temperature, the sensor kicks in and the fan turns back on.

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