How to Create Brightly Colored Pinecone Flames for the Fireplace

A MOTHER reader shares how to treat pinecones with a solution to create brightly colored pinecone flames for the fireplace or campfire.

| December 2000/January 2001

Create brightly colored pinecone flames for the fireplace using this pinecone solution. 

If you want pinecones that flare brightly when you toss them in a fire, try this: To create colored pinecone flames for the fireplace use a large plastic bucket, mix one gallon hot water, one teaspoon dishwashing soap, and one pound of rock salt, Epsom salts, and baking soda or boric acid.

Add the pinecones and weight down to keep them submerged; soak for 24 hours. Then place the cones on newspapers and allow them to dry thoroughly.

Toss the treated pinecones in your campfire or fireplace when the fire has burned down to almost embers and enjoy the brightly colored flames they produce.

Karen Ann Bland
Gove, Kansas

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