Do You Know Where I Can Purchase Cloth Diapers and Glass Baby Bottles?

| 11/13/2008 12:00:00 AM

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Do you know where I can purchase cloth diapers and glass baby bottles?

New parents are becoming more concerned about the products that come into contact with their babies and also about the effect on the environment of disposable baby products. Glass baby bottles and cotton diapers are both free of plastics and don’t add to the overfilling of landfills.

By searching online and making a few phone calls, we found that Target carries cotton gauze-weave diapers and the plastic pants to cover them. Both Target and Wal-Mart sell glass baby bottles. The glass bottles and diapers are available in-store as well as from the company Web sites. We were surprised to discover that Sears and Kmart sell neither.

For information about more eco-friendly baby products, read Better Basics for Bringing Up Baby.

— Heidi Hunt, assistant editor

Leslie Moyer_2
8/4/2010 2:04:10 PM

Breastfeeding is best for both mother and baby and--by far--the most natural and sustainable choice. And if you choose to breastfeed it is likely that you won't need any bottles at all. It also makes changing cloth diapers much more pleasant (less odor)--at least before the baby begins eating solid foods. And with breastfeeding, solid foods can usually be started later since breastmilk is a complete food, containing all the nutrients a baby needs for the first several months of life. For more information, contact your local La Leche League group.

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