Cleaning Windows, Cleaning Screens, and Other Bits of Country Lore

Readers submit methods they've discovered for cleaning windows without spotting, cleaning screens, deterring weevils, and protecting chickens.

| March/April 1989

The end of winter marks the beginning of a new season of chores.

Cleaning Windows

I have a fast and easy way to clean the exteriors of windows. First, mix a handful of powdered electric-dishwasher detergent into a pail of hot water. (The secret is to use a product that advertises something like: "Leaves your glasses sparkling clean with no spots.") Wash the outsides of your windows with this mixture, using any method you prefer, and immediately rinse them with a strong spray from your garden hose. Just let them air-dry, and your windows should be cleaner and shinier (with fewer spots) than ever before.

Norbert Sanek
Nashville, Tennessee

Cleaning Screens

In the spring I take down all my window screens and screen doors and carry them outside. Then, with a pan of gasoline and a stiff brush, I scrub all the screening with gasoline. It removes all the dust and grease and makes my dingy screens look good as new. [Editor's Note: Remember that gasoline is very flammable, and also be careful not to breathe in the fumes.]

Mrs. J.E. Hansford
DeLeon, Texas

Weevil Deterrent

When I prune my sage in the spring, I place sprigs in the kitchen cabinet where I keep such staples as flour and cornmeal. Weevils and other bugs don't like the smell of sage, so they go elsewhere.

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