Tips on Cleaning Tools and Fixing Tool Handles

Learn about cleaning tools and fixing tool handles with these handy tips. Includes information on cleaning tool blades and replacing wood handles on tools..

| October/November 2000

Learn about these helpful methods for cleaning tools and fixing tool handles. These tips will help when cleaning tools and fixing tool handles by using sand and heat. 

Everyone knows to use paste floor wax to keep the wood handles of your tools in shape, but what about the business end? Try this recycling trick:

Fill a five-gallon bucket with sharp sand and add leftover oil collected from an oil change. After each use of a metal-ended tool, jam it in the sand to clean and preserve it.

Gaynya Tallmadge
Commerce, TX

When you break the handle of your hammer, axe or maul, the easiest way to replace it is to heat the head in a 250 degrees Fahrenheit oven for about an hour. This shrinks the wood and expands the metal. Pull out the old wood and have the new handle ready to insert while the iron is hot. And use pot holders to handle the hot metal!

Dale Tallmadge
Commerce, TX

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