Clean Rototiller Tines With a Pipe-Held Screwdriver

Clean rototiller tines with a simple pipe-held screwdriver. Attach a length of plastic pipe to your rototiller handle to hold a screwdriver to clean out the tines.

| August/September 2008

Keep a portable screwdriver handy to clean rototiller tines when they are clogged.

How to Clean Rototiller Tines

While using a rototiller, I carry a screwdriver to clean out the tines when they become clogged with roots. But the screwdriver always falls out of my pocket. So, here is my solution: I attached a length of pipe, just the right diameter and length for the screwdriver, to the tiller handle with a couple of hose clamps. Now the screwdriver is always available when I need it.

— James Hodges
Glen Rose, Texas

7/1/2009 9:45:23 PM

Where do you store the Band-Aids? Every time I clean the tines I slice my fingers up a few times, and although I've never gotten stitches I probably should have a few times. Several different tools have entered into the fight and all have yielded to my hands having to get in there in the end.. I don't mind tilling an acre, but I dread the inevitable cuts (and running to the house bleeding all over the place).

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