Can Chickens Live in Harmony with Cats and Dogs

| 9/28/2016 1:29:00 PM

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We love cats – not only for the cuteness factor (which, I admit, is a biggie), but also for their usefulness. Our two kitties, who live mostly outdoors, keep our yard and home mouse-free. They will also go for lizards, snakes, and even grasshoppers and bugs – practically everything that moves. And they are territorial, so they keep most feral cats away. I think every homestead could benefit from a couple of barn kitties.

Chicken-Cat Interactions

But what about chicken-cat interactions? Our chick season usually starts in spring and lasts throughout the summer. How would we keep our cats from going after baby chicks? Cats don’t usually mess with adult hens, let alone roosters, but chicks and pullets can easily fall prey to them. One way, of course, is to keep the chicks confined in a secure pen or coop until they are big enough to no longer be threatened by cats.

However, our cats and chickens – along with baby chicks – live together harmoniously and, so far, we have not had problems. What I find most interesting is that our cats will, unfortunately, go after birds – but won’t even blink when they see a chick passing right next to them.


One of our cats sharing a treat with a broody and her chicks.

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