Cheapskate Homesteading Stocking (Plants and Animals) Options!

| 1/30/2012 7:09:10 PM

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Buying tools and equipment for the homestead can pretty much break a person – and quick.  There is so much to buy and tons of specialized tools and instruments that can’t be made or gleaned or borrowed (for long anyways!).  So when I see people spending exorbitant amounts of money on plants and animals for their homestead I have to wonder if they don’t have a hidden gold mine somewhere close by. 

Being the extreme tightwad that I am I have found and compiled every single trick, tip, hack and secret that I can for how to save money and spend the least amount on stocking your homestead with livestock and trees and plants that you could ever want. 




First of all, don’t be afraid to look at Craigslist.  Its not everyday that you’ll find a deal but every once in a while you’ll find someone who is giving away something they don’t want anymore.  Just be adaptable!  You might have to settle for a goat that goes a little insane around dogs or chickens that look like they might be crosses between a vulture and a buzzard but hey, that’s the tradeoff if you want free animals.  Just remember the ugly duckling turned into a swan! 

Natasha Lovell
2/1/2012 10:49:11 PM

Be careful when you buy cheap livestock however. Cheap livestock often become available due to illness that the owner doesn't want anymore in their own herd. I know this from experience. Make sure that you evaluate your animal for disease both visually (are they bright eyed, alert with a glossy coat?) and get blood samples to test them for diseases. You can learn how to get those samples yourself (a 21 yr old can do it, so can you), or pay a livestock vet to do it for you. WSU has excellent services (WADDL) and will take samples from either you or the vet. For small ruminants, CAE (goats), OPP (sheep), CL (sheep and goats), and johnnes (all cloven-hooves ruminants) would be a good start to make sure you aren't bringing home diseases that can shorten the useful life of your beloved animals or worse yet, make you sick.

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