Canadian Immigration Interview and Application Tips

A Canadian native shares his tips about the Canadian Immigration interview and application process.

| May/June 1975

Canadian immigration

A Canadian immigrant shares his immigration experiences and insight.


In MOTHER EARTH NEWS NO. 31, Sharon Woolley described her family's troubles in emigrating from the U.S. to Canada. I have some further information to offer, obtained at great cost in money and time (because of the Canadian Immigration Service's bureaucratic methods, and because of changes in the standards to be met by would-be immigrants).

Canadian Immigration Interview and Application Tips

First, a rough outline of the application procedure for those who desire permanent residence in Canada:

[1] You must apply for immigrant status from outside Canada, through the nearest Canadian consulate. (If you're granted an interview later on — after you've entered Canada — you'll have the added hassle of traveling back to the U.S. city in which the consulate is located.)

[2] You must hold a valid passport or equivalent document.

[3] After receiving the forms, filling them out in triplicate, and returning them, you're required to take a physical. If you fail to meet the health requirements, that's the end of the road.

[4] Last comes the Canadian immigration interview and final assessment . . . but only if you make at least 50 points out of the 100 on which the evaluation system is based, and that's no easy task.

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