Canada Immigration Guide

This Canada immigration guide gives you the information and steps needed to be accepted during the immigration screening process.

| November/December 1970


Persons who have acquainted themselves as thoroughly as possible with Canadian immigration policy and procedures, considered carefully how these relate to their individual situations, and then made all advisable preparations, have found themselves well-equipped to handle the process of entering Canada and acquiring the desired status from the Immigration Department.


Since our special feature (in MOTHER EARTH NEWS NO. 5) on immigrating to Canada, we've received two letters telling us that getting across the border as a landed immigrant is absolutely the easiest thing in the world and that there's no mystery at all to the new point system of judging applicants.

We are pleased to receive and pass along this information for this Canada immigration guide . . . although we still wonder why the Canadian Consulates we contacted refused to answer our queries and—in fact—also refused to explain the point system to an official representative of the Canadian Tourist Bureau (and whom we happen to know).

Be that as it may, a most complete and noteworthy guide to Canadian immigration INCLUDING AN IN-DEPTH EXPLANATION OF THE POINT EVALUATION SYSTEM is available from Montreal Council to Aid War Resisters,  Quebec, Canada for a nickle. The following is taken from that guide and the second paragraph under MISCELLANEOUS may explain the trouble we—and others—have had.

Canadian Immigration Screening Process

The Immigration Department determines whether or not an applicant for landed immigrant status is in a prohibited class through information in the application forms and, sometimes, through a check with American authorities.

There is now sufficient delay during the processing of all applications for the Immigration Department to do fairly thorough screening to determine whether an applicant falls in a prohibited class and whether information on the application is accurate and complete.

Immigration Application Procedure

The success of your application for Landed Immigrant status depends on many factors: Age, job experience or skill in performing a marketable service (teaching, tool and die making, etc.), educational level, financial situation, personal appearance and attitude.

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