Cable Reel Tables: Great Repurposed Furniture

Ruth Moose tells how large cable reels can become repurposed furniture, turned into attractive lamp tables with very little time, effort or money.

| May/June 1971

The large cable reels emptied by utility companies can become repurposed furniture, converted into attractive lamp tables with very little time, effort or money.

These reels, called spools, come in several sizes and are free for the asking. The only other components you'll need for a lamp table are an old workable floor lamp, which can be bought at a thrift shop (the one in the photo cost 75¢); a round circle of plywood, (these can be found in construction site trash piles); some paint; and a lamp shade. Try the discount stores for a shade (the burlap-textured one shown here cost only $3.00).

Disassemble the spool, saving all hardware and sand, then stain or paint the reel (antiquing is perfect). Paint the lamp parts and the plywood the same color as the base.

Reassemble the spool, insert the shaft of the lamp through the reel's center and cut the circle of plywood to fit around the shaft.

The bottom shelf is just right for a circular bookcase.

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