Bundle Up Indoors to Beat the Cold

You can pay more for wood, gas, or oil, or you can bundle up to stay warm indoors during the winter.

| January/February 1981

067 bundle up

Rather than paying more for heat, the Andersons decided to bundle up indoors.


One cold winter morning—as I went about my usual daily routine—I answered the doorbell to find an absolutely dumbstruck UPS delivery man standing on the front steps. He was motionless for at least a full minute gazing at me in speechless bewilderment! 

I stared back with curiosity, and wondered (briefly) what was wrong with the poor fellow. Then I remembered that I had come to the door in my snuggler sack, which—although odd enough in itself—was made more comical by the added bulkiness of the down warm-up pants and jacket that I wore underneath it. 

Of course, my "below-zero" boots may also have caught the man off guard. They did add a certain elephantine effect to my lower extremities. And I'm sure the old kerchief around my head did nothing to diminish the peculiarity of my appearance.

Ah yes, I concluded after a moment's hesitation, this particular delivery person has obviously never knocked on my door before! I felt compelled to explain why I had to bundle up.

"I'm dressed this way because we keep our thermostat set at 48°."

"Forty-eight?" the bewildered carrier repeated. "Don't you freeze?"  

anna kessler
1/19/2012 12:11:21 AM

P.S. I pay for my utilities ONCE a year, with one paycheck.

anna kessler
1/19/2012 12:08:07 AM

The key words in this whole article was "sprawling house." WHY are you living in such a big house? I live in less than 1,000 sq ft. My light bill is only $29.10 mth, and $9.99 of that is the "customer charge" for electronically "reading" the meter. WHY aren't you just heating the room you're in?! I have friends with huge houses. The ones who have LOW heating bills just heat the room they're in. They basically hunker down in mostly one room all winter. Sounds ridiculous to walk around in 48 degrees. You don't have to do that. For the $300+ that you threw away on snuggies, you could have purchased a solar panel ($230). Radiant floors come in roll out mats now. Tankless water units heat the water as it comes through the pipes and can be hooked up to the solar panels. I'm surprised that Mother Earth would even publish such ignorance.

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