Building a Hot Tub Before a House: Explaining Our Homesteading Priorities (With Video)

| 10/4/2016 11:45:00 AM

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When Jesse and I moved far away from our settled city lives into the adventures of building our own homestead last year, we initially assumed one of the first projects we would start on would be our new home (our barndominuim, as we call it). It didn't take long for us to realize that home construction was too big a project to jump right into, so instead we've been working on smaller projects, like building our DIY cedar hot tub and deck.

The response to these projects has been predictable. People seem to think we are thick headed, or at least have our priorities completely flipped. We disagree, and we finally have a response to justify our reasons.

Keep reading and watch this video to learn our thoughts!

It's Possible to Have a Home, Even Without a House

Our homestead land didn't come with any modifications, much less a home. That means we had to bring our own, and it's worked out surprisingly well. It turns out a travel trailer, RV garage and small cabin addition are really all you need to survive the Idaho winters. We've been more than happy with it. 


Confidence Through Skills

We've had an idea since we moved here that we want to build our home from recycled, local materials (including trees on our own land) but how the details of that will work out we had no idea. Even more important, we didn't have building experience. Starting to build a house right away would have been completely overwhelming.

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