What to Consider When Building a Chicken Coop: Sizing and Location

| 4/18/2016 1:04:00 PM

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Three Chickens Roosting In Coop 

You have discovered those fluffy little farm creatures that lay a delicious breakfast for you daily and provide hours of funny sounds and entertainment. Now what? They need a home, of course.

Building a chicken coop is a big deal. It is something that will remain on your property for years to come. It is the beginning of turning your yard into your own “starter homestead.” But wait — there are a few things you should take into consideration before you break ground on your new friends’ home.

Plan for the Flock You Hope for, Not the Flock You Have

I wish someone had written this article before I built my coop years ago. This is the biggest point to take in before breaking ground on your coop. When we first got chickens, we started out with four hens and a rooster. The next thing you know, my husband decided he wanted a variety of chickens in his flock. Then he wanted a variety of different-colored eggs.

I turned around twice, and we had gone from 5 chickens to 25 chickens. That is a big difference.

We built this monstrosity of a coop when we first got started. Everyone laughed at usWe were told we gave our chickens a mansion.

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