Build a Quick and Easy Pigpen

This pig pen was affordable, and easy to put together - even in the middle of a Florida housing development.

| November/December 1976

My wife and I had always wanted to raise our own bacon, but—because we live on a small lot in a Florida real estate development—we hesitated to buy a real, live pig. Problem is, you just can't have a porker or two running around on the lawn (or worse, other people's lawns) in a neighborhood like ours.

Still, despite our less-than-perfect locale (and despite the fact that we'd never raised a hog before), we were determined that someday we'd give pig ownership a try.

As luck would have it, a friend of mine approached me at work one day last year—about, a week before Christmas—and asked if I wanted to buy a pig.

"Nope," I answered, and went on to list my reasons.

"But you can give it to your wife for Christmas," my co-worker said, half jokingly.

Well I mulled that suggestion over awhile . . . and decided that, by gosh, a pig would make one hell of a good Christmas present! (It certainly wouldn't be the sort of thing my wife would expect or forget.) So—putting aside all thoughts of neighbors and lack of space—I, looked my buddy square in the eye and said, "OK. I'll take it!"

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