Build A Chicken Tractor

| 3/30/2017 9:51:00 AM

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We strive to be as self-reliant as possible, and with that comes raising your own food. We use lawn tractors for raising our meat birds and rabbits. Once chicks are big enough to be outdoors without a heat light, and rabbit kits have been weaned we move them to portable lawn tractors to cut down on our feed costs. We move out tractors twice daily to provide fresh ground. Grown rabbits can tolerate cold pretty well, but they do not do well in intense heat. The tractor also allows us to move them into the shade during hot summer days.

To build our tractors we chose 2x2s instead of 2x4s to make them easier to move around the yard. There is a handle on each side for easy dragging. The sides of the tractor are metal mesh, except the privacy portion that allows them to feel sheltered. The roof is a corrugated panel hinged on one side to allow us to access the rabbits or chickens easily. There is also a latch on the roof to keep predators out.

Tractor Frame

Six 2x2s 21-inches long make up the corners and divider area of the tractor. We set the divider 33 inches from the end. This area is designed for privacy, and a feeling of security for the animals to go into. It also gives protection from wind and blowing rain.

To provide extra strength, we also secured 2x4s to the corners and divider pieces, but this is an optional step. We screwed six 2x4s cut at the same 21-inch height to the outside 2×2 frame.

The top and bottom frame

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