Best Way to Clean a Goat's Udder (Or Is There?)

| 7/28/2014 9:53:00 AM

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So, have you ever, even in this age of the internet, tried to find information on a certain, very specific topic, and just have not been able to find an answer, not even close? Here is the question: What is the best way to wash your goat’s udder and teats before milking?

Easy question, right? We were prepping our lovely dairy goats for milking, and as we were cleaning their udders and teats, we started discussing the best way to clean the udder and teats: Do you wash the teats first or the udder, do you clean the udder from the front to the back, back to front, side to side?

Cleaning the Udder

The internet didn’t provide the answer. Surprisingly, it was a fruitless search. All we found repeatedly was this sentence: “Wash the udder/teats before milking” and then a recipe on how to make your own udder wash or teat dip. To find an answer to our question, we went to Facebook to ask our fellow goat farmers, goat buddies and friends how they do it. Of course, if you ask 15 different goat owners one question, you get 15 different answers and this time was no different.

Is there Even An Answer?

Here are some options, as quotes:

7/29/2014 5:37:01 AM

I recommend wearing gloves but only 1 pair per milking. There is no need to change to fresh gloves for each goat. Just wash the gloved hands between goats or dip in antiseptic. Gloves hands have less nooks and crannies for germs to hide in like wrinkles and finger nails.

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