Best Chicken Photos


(Winner): Captain, a 4-H project rooster. By Todd Elliott, Union Mills, N.C.

Crowing rooster. By Susan Christopher, Santa Margarita, Calif.

Feather-legged Silkie mother with chick. By Bill Bergen, Mohawk, N.Y.

Alexandria with a White Wyandotte hen. By Fayne Sears, Columbia, Conn.

Rooster. By Leon Gin, Farmington, Maine.

White Cochin bantam rooster. By Heather Royce, Frederick, Pa.

Plymouth Barred Rock. By Robin Arnold, Port Clinton, Ohio.

Buff Brahma bantam hens. Gertrude and Little Bit. By Robert Raudenbush, Liberty, N.C.

Sleeping chick. By Marla Gold, Madison, N.C.