Being Prepared for Mountain Winter

| 10/23/2015 9:43:00 AM

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I have blogged about this before, but it seems each year things are slightly different and we face different challenges in preparation for winter. When you choose to live remotely and at high altitude like we do, being able to anticipate what could likely happen is considered an asset and highly important. All predictions for our specific area this winter is that it is going to be a severe winter. Living where and how we do we do not take those predictions lightly.

Whether you live as we do or not, it is wise to "be prepared." This prediction could mean many things, but here in the mountains of Southern Colorado, we could be faced with brutally cold temperatures, very large amounts of snow or worst scenario would be both with strong winds added in. The aspen leaves have now fallen off the trees and it is getting colder each night.

When I was a young boy in the Boy Scouts, the motto was "be prepared." That especially applies to living remotely and at high altitude in the mountains here in Southern Colorado. Not knowing what may happen, we must anticipate those situations where potential problems could arise. With this being our 19th winter here, I consider our worst winter was the year we had numerous heavy snow storms accompanied with strong winds. When we tried to follow the snow plow out to resupply some staples the wind was drifting the snow in right behind the plow and we had to give up our trip and wait until later. Some years, the snowstorms can be from one foot to several feet at a time and leaving just enough time between storms to clear travel paths.

Firewood Sufficient

One of our most important consideration as we prepare for winter is do we have sufficient firewood to see us through the next 7 months. We heat with a wood stove so we usually burn between 9-11 cords of firewood a winter. This year, we have at least 11 cords ready and a hearty reserve supply that is easily accessible.

Not everyone chooses to live as remotely as we do, and some avoid remote living at all costs. Our style of living is not for everyone that is for sure. While we are not totally isolated we do live in semi isolation and nearby amenities are a considerable driving distance.

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