A Beekeeper's Winter Activity: Eating Honey (With Honey Recipes)

| 12/26/2013 8:52:00 AM

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As I sit in the warm house looking at new fallen snow in Central Illinois, the topic of beekeeping is still ever present. What does a beekeeper do in the winter?

Catch Up on Beekeeping Reading

Read everything you can find about bees and beekeeping. This is the time to learn. Research pests. Explore strains of honeybees and their characteristics. Learn techniques for re-queening a hive. There are many good books available as well as trade magazines. The Beekeeper's Bible is a must have in my opinion and readily available through online bookstores.

Eat Honey

Honey, that is. I have found myself loathe to eat honey sourced from anywhere other than Five Feline Farm. Once you have tasted honey produced by bees you have a relationship with, it is hard to think about consuming any other honey.

So while the snow piles up outside my door in addition to studying about beekeeping, I work on finding ways to utilize honey in recipes. Sometimes I develop my own recipes and sometimes I tweak others to use some of that sweet honey goodness.

The following two recipes feature honey as a subtle yet distinctive component.

honey butter

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