Bartering for Livestock, Lawn Mowers and Harvesting Excess Vegetables

The Successful Swaps column shares success stories of people who barter for goods without exchanging any money. This issue includes bartering for livestock, lawn mowers, boarding horses and harvesting excess vegetables.

| March/April 1978

The Successful Swaps column shares success stories in bartering, including stories on bartering for livestock, boarding horses, lawn mowers, and harvesting excess vegetables.

Bartering for Livestock, Lawn Mowers and Harvesting Excess Vegetables

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In MOTHER EARTH NEWS issue 37, Bill Wodraska shared some of his thoughts regarding one of humankind's better ideas of bartering and offered up an interesting suggestion: "I'd like to see a continuing feature on barter and skill-and-labor exchanges," said Bill. "Maybe MOTHER could even swap subscriptions for contributions to the department. " "You're on!" we replied . . . and announced our still-standing offer: Anyone who sends us a short account of an actual barter that gets printed in this column (write THE MOTHER EARTH NEWS, Hendersonville, North Carolina) will receive a 12-month subscription (new or extended) to MOTHER.

Slowly but surely we're on that road that'll take us back to the land. And barter, swappin', horse tradin — 'no matter what you call it — has already been a way of life for us for many years.

For example, I needed a lawn mower and some sort of machine to work my garden . . . so I swapped my dirt bike (and some bucks) for a Massey Ferguson 12-horsepower garden tractor with a multitude of attachments. The tractor — even with all 12 horses pulling — just wasn't strong enough to work my large hillside garden, though, so I traded even up for a John Deere 630 tractor complete with two bottom plows, mower, buzz saw, and discs. The discs turned out to be too large and I bartered them for a .22 rifle. And the rifle was then exchanged for a pig. It never seems to end.

Later I sold the tractor (without the attachments) outright, paid off a bill that required cash, bought a Ferguson 30 tractor, and even acquired a wood stove! After cleaning and repairing the stove I swapped it and some greenbacks for a front-end loader for the Ferguson 30.

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