Winter Woods Work Can Be Fun and Satisfying

| 1/2/2012 1:51:04 PM

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This morning after chores and breakfast, we headed for the woods to get the day’s burning underway.

Traditionally in this region one farms in the summer and logs in the winter, a practice that we follow on our farm, pretty much. Though our “logging” isn’t taking down big trees, it’s a bunch of projects aimed at making the trees healthier and the woods a better place for wildlife and for us.   

           My husband heading into the woods as the dogs trail close by 

We’ve had just dustings of snow so far and daytime temps in the 20s, so we can still see and gather debris off the ground, but there’s just enough snow to make it safe to burn. Yesterday my diligent spouse cut and stacked a pile of pruned branches and small tops left from a “timber stand improvement” logging job a few years back. That’s the starter pile. While he was doing that I was a quarter mile away starting a second thinning on a stand of white pine that leapt out of the ground as soon as we fenced the cattle out of the woods 20 years ago.

I love this work. You cut out anything that’s stunted or sick, and leave the big healthy trees to someday turn into an old-growth forest. Talk about satisfying!

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