Australia to Texas and Building the Homestead - Pour the Slab and Start the Barndominium

| 1/14/2013 7:35:29 PM

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We have Concrete! Here's what it must have looked like at 0530 when the first truck full of concrete showed up: Nice and dark, wasn't it?  
 22 Jan Blog Picture 1 

And I ran this picture through Photoshop to lighten it a bit.  The original was even darker but you couldn't see much of anything.  Check out the size of the pump equipment.  They could get the nozzle to every location on the 120' slab with that nozzle.  Even with all that equipment, it still took a few hours to get the slab poured and then another few hours to get everything finished.  I got the last picture from Erik Cortina, owner of XTreme Concrete about 2:30 in the afternoon, so they had 9 solid hours of work, much of it at 100+ F.  Much credit goes to Erik and his team on this effort.  It is a real challenge keeping track of this type of operation from 10,000 miles away.  Erik used technology (internet and his iPhone) to keep my well informed of the progress on many of the working days.  It took the better part of 3 weeks in the preparation to get to the point of pouring, so getting the "ground phase" done is not trivial.  Lots of hard work went into this slab.  But look at the pictures


  22 Jan Blog Picture 2   

 22 Jan Blog Picture 4  22 Jan Blog Picture 8 22 Jan Blog Picture 3

So now we have a slab curing. This needs a few days - two weeks ideally. During that period, lots of steel and other materials will show up on the property and we'll start seeing the steel building part of the barndominium take shape.

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