ArkV Adventures, Part 2

| 1/18/2016 9:29:00 AM

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Kara throwing bedding

Kara adds more bedding to the stall in the back of the cargo van, with Suzie the cow peeking over the top of the board.  A bystander was watching, wondering why on earth she was throwing bedding into the van!  Photo by Ann Berlage.

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It was after picking up the two pigs and winding their way north to Vermont that the new twists in the plot of the cross-country cow trek for my sister Kara and mother, Ann, began. It started out with a bit of fun diversion from all the endless driving — staying over with our intern Sam at Green Mountain College, where she’s finishing her senior year (with plans to rejoin us at the farm this summer!).

Attached to the campus is an experimental farm, where Ann and Kara got to meet Sam’s capstone project — oxen calves training to be team pullers, named Moon and Shine. They toured the campus, checked out the locally-focused cafeteria, and made the final preparations to the cargo van for loading what were fast becoming known as our celebrity cows.

Back at the Farm

Meanwhile, Steve and I were holding down the farm. Besides minding the shop at Farmstead, with all the comings and goings of folks making preparations for Thanksgiving, we chased after escapee turkeys, fixed busted piglet pens, hauled endless buckets of water and bales of hay, dodged the back end of the donkey, and scratched our heads over the intricacies of the plumbing in the aquaponics greenhouse.

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